The Fitzpatrick Company is internationally recognized as a global leader in process technology. We have maintained this premier position by staying committed to innovation and by consistently exceeding customer expectations.

The history of the Fitzpatrick Company has been one of technological evolution in the design and manufacture of size reduction, roll-compaction and pre-breaking equipment for the pharmaceutical and fine chemical markets. Unlike most other process equipment manufacturers, critical machine parts are made in-house, ensuring stringent quality control. Fitzpatrick's diverse process experience, world-class GMP designs, product containment technology and engineering capabilities combine to produce equipment that meets our customers' highest expectations.

The Fitzpatrick Company is more than just an equipment manufacturer. Every machine we sell is customized to specific requirements. We are in the broadest sense a solutions provider, helping companies do business more efficiently and profitably. A responsive team of technicians supports Fitzpatrick machines after the purchase.

The FitzMill Comminutor

FitzMill comminuting machines are recognized worldwide as the industry standard for precision particle size reduction. The FitzMill is ideal for use in continuous or batch production, research and product development. In addition to being cGMP, special contained processing options are available for processing potent compounds.

The Chilsonator Roll Compactor for Dry Granulation

Pharmaceutical products typically contain a blend of active materials with additional excipients such as flow agents, disintegrating agents, binders, etc. These are typically fine powders with diverse characteristics. Conditioning of these materials is required for effective tableting, capsule filling or subsequent processing.

Dry granulation is a process that creates free-flowing granules without the need to add binders or water. The basic concept of compaction is to force fine powders between two counter-rotating rolls. As the volume decreases through the region of maximum pressure, the material is formed into a solid compact or sheet.

Some of the factors controlling the compaction process are roll surface, diameter, peripheral speed, separating force or pressure capabilities, feed screw design and the basic compaction characteristics of the material being processed.

In most applications, the product compacted by the Chilsonator must be granulated to a uniform particle size distribution. This can be most efficiently achieved with a FitzMill granulator, which is designed with maximum flexibility that enables control of the size reduction process.

International Experience

With more than 10,000 customers in over 100 countries, The Fitzpatrick Company has acquired a strong international reputation. Our customers range from small family-run operations to Fortune 500 companies. Regardless of customer size, our philosophy for each is the same: To achieve a creative process solution that efficiently and economically meets the requirements of the application.

Lab Facilities

The Fitzpatrick Company maintains manufacturing facilities, test laboratories and service support offices at our world headquarters in Elmhurst, Illinois. Additional testing and support services are provided from our Centers of Excellence at Matcon, Evesham, UK and MPT Shanghai, China.

Lean Manufacturing

Fitzpatrick is committed to providing the highest quality products with superior value in a timely manner. We are committed to the continuous improvement of our products and processes with the relentless pursuit of waste elimination. Our methodology is built on the foundation of customer satisfaction, employee empowerment and mutual respect.

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