Particle Processing Applications

The Fitzpatrick Company has the right equipment for all your particle processing needs. From food processing applications to particle size reduction of pharmaceutical powders to granulation, customers worldwide trust The Fitzpatrick Company to provide superior size reduction and compaction equipment that gets the job done right. Our size reduction equipment is designed and engineered with application-specific focus, delivering optimum process solutions, tight particle size distributions and high ROI for manufacturers in the pharmaceutical, industrial, chemical and food industries.

Pharmaceutical Granulation & Milling

We excel at the conditioning of powders via agglomeration and/or comminution prior to encapsulation or tableting. However, when you invest with The Fitzpatrick Company, you get much more than superbly crafted machinery for the granulation of active pharmaceutical ingredients and other powders.

You also gain access to our formidable consulting expertise. At your request, our experienced process consultants can help you evaluate the suitability of your material for roll compaction, for example. We also provide a full range of validation and qualifications services. Particle processing solutions are our business, and we take pride in helping you discover, and achieve, the optimal processes and equipment configurations to meet your goals.

Chemical Impact Mills & Compactors

For mixing, compacting, particle size reduction, briquetting, granulation and pulverization of high value chemicals, look no further than The Fitzpatrick Company. For decades, The Fitzpatrick Company consistently innovated, introducing incremental improvements in the design of our industrial impact mills and compactors. To date, we offer market-specific options for comminution, granulation, compacting and mixing, including the trusted FitzMill® line of impact mills for precise particle size reduction, and the Chilsonator® IR520 and IR 4x 10 lines of roll compactors for the conversion of powders to granules and tablets. If you are interested in achieving tight particle size distributions, The Fitzpatrick Company has the right machinery for you.

Since the introduction of the Chilsonator® line of roller compactors more than a half century ago, we’ve continued to improve our groundbreaking designs, with innovations geared towards addressing our customers’ stringent needs such as the introduction of the CCS- Contained Compaction System, the most advanced and contained compaction solution in our portfolio. Each unit is built to stringent quality standards, ensuring efficient, effective operation, even under the most challenging processing conditions.

Food Processing Applications

Look to our CCS – Contained Compaction System, Chilsonator® IR Series and FitzMill® lines for the efficient size reduction and/or compaction of high-valued functional food products, including dairy products, flavors and fragrances, spices, vegetables, fruits and bakery products. No matter how demanding your application, The Fitzpatrick Company has the right machinery to help you achieve improvements in product consistency, flavor and texture due to superior particle size reduction. Our food processing machines feature easy-to-clean/maintain stainless steel construction and streamlined design for enhanced ease of operation.

Application Testing

For our customers' convenience, we offer expert proof-of-concept testing through a complete range of lab and production equipment. Customers often discover new opportunities for process performance improvements through our rigorous testing programs. In many instances, customers realize significant savings by eliminating inefficiencies, reducing waste and enhancing production capacities.

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