Pharmaceutical Granulation & Milling

Fitzpatrick is a worldwide leader among pharma equipment manufacturers in the areas of pharmaceutical granulation and pharmaceutical milling. Where solid dosage form requirements predominate, our equipment is instrumental in conditioning powders prior to encapsulation or tableting.

Pharmaceutical Industry Applications

Fitzpatrick excels at supplying equipment — and expertise — for the pharmaceutical industry to make the drug manufacturing process flow smoothly. Our pharmaceutical granulation equipment is second to none in the industry, for example. We supply not only industry-leading compaction technology, but also the consulting expertise you may require to help you determine if your product is a candidate for roll compaction. We also offer extensive validation and qualification services, and provide worldwide support to help keep your processes running to specification.

The Fitzpatrick Chilsonator™ Series

For pharmaceutical granulation processes, consider the Fitzpatrick Chilsonator™. It’s the ideal roll compaction system for dry granulation of pharmaceutical powders. Examples of products under production using the Chilsonator™ include antibiotics, analgesics (such as ibuprofen blends) and nutraceuticals.

The Chilsonator™ is equipped with an independent, two-screw feed design, which helps ensure optimum powder dosing. Trapped air is removed passively (no vacuum deaeration required), further eliminating fluctuations in density. Our real-time roll-gap feedback control, combined with two, parallel floating rollers, maximizes the density and uniformity of your compacts, and optimizes downstream powder flow. 

Configure the Chilsonator™ to your specifications, using various combinations of different compacting roller profiles, screens and rotors — available in a range of styles and materials. By selecting the components that work best for your process, it’s possible to customize your process and maximize favorable results. Different raw materials come with their unique challenges due to diverse characteristics, such as flowability, hardness, abrasiveness, friability and moisture content. These variables determine the specific challenges involved in properly processing pharmaceuticals. 

Some ingredients are especially sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and moisture content, for example. The Chilsonator™ addresses these concerns adeptly, improving on-target densities and maximizing the tableting/encapsulation process. Together, these features combine to ensure superior compact uniformity and density. Our encapsulation mixing equipment design also minimizes production downtime by streamlining maintenance operations, thanks to fewer parts and easy access to parts requiring cleaning. Containment features, such as optional wash-in-place (WIP) capability, facilitate containment and ensure enhanced operator safety.

Floor-mounted CCS (Contained Compaction System) series Chilsonators feature a comprehensive Product Containment System (PCS). The PCS ensures minimal operator exposure to active pharmaceutical ingredients and/or excipients, and helps prevent product loss or contamination. Inert nitrogen is used to further reduce oxygen exposure — confirming product purity and integrity — and reduce the potential risk of explosion.

The Fitzpatrick FitzMill™ Series

We also offer the FitzMill™ line of hammer mill comminution equipment for the processing of all types of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and formulations. The FitzMill™ excels at producing free-flowing granular products and micronizing powders. Like the Chilsonator™ line, the FitzMill™ line excels at particle size reduction. Just like the Chilsonator™, the FitzMill™ features superior containment, easy cleaning and maintenance, and our superb commitment to customer support.

Choose from among various options and configurations to customize your process and optimize your results. The FitzMill™ excels at consistently producing specific particle size ranges and distributions. It features built-in flexibility to achieve given specifications according to your needs, by allowing for reconfiguration of the hammer mill.

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