Hammer Mills

Hammer mills are among the oldest, most enduring examples of man’s ingenuity -- simple, efficient tools for processing raw materials. Through the application of mechanical impact forces — in the form of multiple hammer blows — bulky raw materials are transformed into uniform particles. Hammer mill grinders provide a quick, efficient method to size reduce raw materials and achieve a uniformed processed product.

Hammer mills rely on the simple principle that most solid materials shatter or shred upon suitably vigorous impact. In essence, hammer mills excel at grinding and crushing. In most instances, industrial hammer mills harness gravity to carry raw materials into a hopper, where a rapidly spinning rotor allows hammers to strike the raw materials repeatedly, pulverizing them to a relatively uniform consistency.

The Fitzpatrick Company offers a variety of hammer mill designs, to accommodate clients' wide-ranging application needs. For more than eight decades, we have proudly engineered and manufactured particle processing equipment for particle size reduction and dry granulation applications. The Fitzpatrick Company offers fully scalable solutions with repeatable results, backed by decades of hands-on application knowledge and a worldwide sales and processing support structure. When it comes to comminution and compaction, The Fitzpatrick Company is second to none. 

FitzMill Hammer Mills

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The Fitzpatrick Scalable Lab System™ (SLS)

Small Hammer Mill



This versatile modular system enables you to alternate between five milling solutions within seconds. This allows you to reliably and consistently replicate results from small-sample R&D tests as you ramp up to full-scale production.



Product Containment Laboratory Grinding Mills
Model: L1A

Hammer Mill Grinder

Ideal for small-scale isolator integration, this small hammer mill efficiently processes samples as small as 5 grams, with minimal sample loss. Results from R&D runs are directly scalable to larger, production-run-capable Fitzpatrick machines.





Pharmaceutical Hammer Mills
Models: M5A, D6A


Pharmaceutical Hammer Mill


These FitzMill machines offer a high degree of control over particle size distribution (PSD), with advanced options for hammer/screen styles, product containment and inert milling environments. A cantilevered rotor facilitates ease of cleaning and maintenance, for cGMP compliance. Innovative sanitary design features crevice-free mono-block construction. Capable of yielding a wide range of particle sizes, with increased throughput efficiency, reduced waste and enhanced on-target yield.



Industrial Hammer Mills
Models: DAS06, DKAS012


Industrial Hammer Mill

These hardy FitzMill comminutors are simple to use and operate, and they get the job done efficiently. Depending on your unique configuration, as determined by your particular process parameters and goals, expect to process up to several tons of raw materials per hour. Clients in industries as diverse as food and chemicals rely on FitzMill comminution machines to achieve consistent size reduction. Regardless of your raw material characteristics, there’s a FitzMill machine that can handle even the densest compacts or powders.



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