Industrial Impact Mills

Models DAS06, DKAS012

Our standard FitzMill comminutors are robust, reliable and simple to operate. With more than eight decades of experience as a global leader in powder processing equipment industry, you can rest assured we’ve never rested on our laurels at The Fitzpatrick Company. We’re continuously improving our technology, designs and construction materials to provide the most consistent, most repeatable results possible. Satisfied customers know they can rely on predictable particle size reduction and tight particle size distributions when they choose milling equipment from The Fitzpatrick Company.

Benefits of The Fitzpatrick Company Industrial Impact Mills

Dependability, ease of operation and efficiency — as well as your bottom line — are always on our minds. Our milling equipment is second to none, which is why so many savvy customers rely on The Fitzpatrick Company to design, supply, innovate and service equipment for size reduction applications used by diverse industries ranging from chemicals to pharmaceuticals to food.

The elegant simplicity of our design approach provides for enhanced ease of operation. For example, our products feature a handy component design. This ingenious feature helps boost the cost effectiveness of size reducing a wide range of diverse materials, to achieve a broad range of carefully targeted particle size distributions. Choose from among various screen sizes, rotor/blade assemblies and speeds, and in-feed configurations to customize your FitzMill mill to meet your specific needs. Our comminuting chamber — featuring stainless steel or special alloys used in the construction of rotors, blades and screens — ensures enhanced durability and dependability. Can competitors say the same?

The Fitzpatrick Company gives you the flexibility to reconfigure your machine by changing selected parts quickly and easily. This allows you to seamlessly adapt to changing needs and future applications. We offer a wide selection of scalable impact mill models. Additionally, by selecting from among available options, it’s possible to customize your process and provide you with the ability to scale up to several tons of material per hour.

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Industrial Impact Mill Applications

Our industrial mills are used for small-scale and large-scale production in food processing, pharmaceutical, and chemical manufacturing applications. Typical applications of our technology include:

  • Coarse grinding and chopping of dry material
  • Size reduction of wet material
  • De-lumping of agglomerated wet and dry materials
  • Pulverizing
  • Solid/liquid blending
  • Granulating compacted materials
  • Processing slurries and liquids
  • Processing and conditioning wet and dry materials
  • Pureeing and emulsifying

Impact Mill Parts and Service

In addition to industry-leading milling equipment, we offer a full selection of OEM impact mill parts and technical support. For more information, visit our Parts and Service page.

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User Benefits

Superior flexibility. Wide range of screen and rotor/blade selections offers easy adaptability to changing product needs and/or their powder characteristics, while providing superior PSD control.
Continual operations. Reversible rotor configurations are available on all comminutors to extend application versatility and tooling life to reduce downtime.
Configuration options. Multiple infeed configurations are available to further optimize particle size control and distribution as part of a unique process integration.

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