Sanitary, Food and Industrial Mills

Models DAS06, DKAS012

Our standard FitzMill comminutors are robust and simple-to-operate, while having improved in quality, functionality and design features over the years. Today they are used worldwide for a wide range of chemical, industrial and food size reduction applications.

Reduced complexity in operation and component design provides cost-effective methodology to easily size-reduce products to a wide range of particle size distributions.

Wide range of scalable impact mill models and available options offer hundreds of configuration possibilities and the ability to process up to several tons of material per hour.

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User Benefits

Superior flexibility. Wide range of screen and rotor/blade selections offers easy adaptability to changing product needs and/or their powder characteristics, while providing superior PSD control.
Continual operations. Reversible rotor configurations are available on all comminutors to extend application versatility and tooling life to reduce downtime.
Configuration options. Multiple infeed configurations are available to further optimize particle size control and distribution as part of a unique process integration.

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