Laboratory Grinding Mills

Models L1A

The L1A lab grinder from FitzMill is the ideal powder grinding mill for laboratory scale applications. Designed with upscale in mind, these powerful mills combine the small sample efficiency necessary for new drug development and pilot production with the scalability you need for large-scale industrial and pharmaceutical applications.

Our versatile lab grinders offer superior precision for improved PSD control and scalability. The FitzMill L1A is a small laboratory hammer mill that can process small product quantities with minimal product losses. Less waste and optimal yield are critical for R&D viability.

Scale up to the larger FitzMill comminutor or the Quadro Comil – whatever your application, our L1A lab grinder makes transference to larger production units easy. Fully interchangeable grinding mill heads allow easy conversion for conical screen milling trials and process development.

An efficient powder grinder mill for lab-scale production, built for precision, and engineered to help you scale – the L1A laboratory grinder is in a class all its own.

An Ideal Grinding Mill for Lab Applications

The L1A FitzMill has many benefits for lab-scale milling applications:

  • - Processes samples as small as 5 grams with minimal loss
  • - Results are scaleable to larger FitzMill comminutors
  • - Processes wet or dry products
  • - Includes a container vent system for processing with minimal dust or exposure to product
  • - Available for mounting in a glove box isolator


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User Benefits

Superior precision. All models capable of variable rotor speeds to provide improved PSD control and scale-up reproducibility.
Waste reduction. Wide range of available grinding mill rotors and screens maximizes PSD control and on-target results, reducing waste and optimizing the yield of expensive formulations or R&D samples.
Small sample efficiency. Small hammer mill design allows samples sizes down to 5 grams with minimal losses to reduce the R&D cost per trial.
Scalability. Powder grinder lab results are directly scalable to larger FitzMill comminutors and Quadro Comil’s, within the respective technology (i.e. hammer milling vs. conical screen milling).
Repeatability. Optional, variable speed feed system ensures process repeatability and simpler transference/scale-up to larger production units.
Easy integration. Easily integrates into a glove box isolator and other containment systems to place the motor and other technical components outside the active process area.

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