Pharmaceutical Hammer Mills

Models M5A, D6A

FitzMill machines are recognized worldwide as the industry standard for precision hammer mill grinders and controlled particle size reduction in pharmaceutical processing, in addition to other sanitary industries. The cantilevered rotor concept improves component access for cleaning and cGMP compliance. A wide range of hammer mill machine options are available to optimize specific process applications, from the hardest compacts or powders, to advanced product containment and inert milling environments.

Innovative sanitary design offerings, with crevice-free mono-block construction, are ideal for low dusting installation requirements or in-line continuous processing with upstream/downstream equipment.

Quick and easy screen/rotor access allows for reduced cleaning and batch changeover times on all hammer mill machines.

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User Benefits

Superior flexibility. Obtaining a specific particle range and distribution is often the primary objective of a size reduction milling operation. The FitzMill Comminutor is ideal: By reconfiguring the hammer mill, a wide variety of particle ranges can be obtained. Reduced waste and increased on-spec results provide increased throughput efficiency and on-target yield.
Consistency. The available metering feed system greatly enhances product uniformity and eliminates operator variables, as well as improving process repeatability.
Clean Operation. Optional, Product Containment System (PCS) displaces the need for a separate process isolator preventing airborne dust from escaping into the atmosphere, while enabling inert milling environments.
Multiple mechanical options. An alternative rotary valve feed system provides containment as product is brought to and away from the hammer mill grinder, through use of infeed/discharge containment valves and operation under partial vacuum.

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