New R&D/Production Roll Compactor

Models CCS320

Like all Fitzpatrick High Containment Compactors, the CCS320 provides optimized particle size and density characteristics for granulated material to reduce segregation while enhancing flow and compressibility in downstream processing steps for oral solid dosage manufacturing. The new CCS320 is ideal for lab through to small production processing, with capacities of up to 50 kgs/hr.

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User Benefits

Ultimate GMP
  • Easy to disassemble/clean
  • Sealed process area
  • Cantilever roll design
  • WIP (option)
  • Configurable for installation in isolator or flow booth (option)
Process Flexibility
  • Various roll surfaces available
  • Size reduction with bar and/or knife type rotors
  • Advanced hydraulic system with load cell
Automated controls
  • Roll gap control to achieve constant compact thickness and density
  • Fully instrumented
Scales up to larger roll compactors Functionality, capabilities and controls similar to larger units
Low profile/minimal headroom required  


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