Sanitary Roller Compactors

Models IR 520, 4x10

The Chilsonator roll compactor machine is recognized worldwide as the superior technology for dry granulation. It provides roll compactor granulation flexibility to increase powder density and flow characteristics, improving downstream tableting results through our pre-compression feed system and optimized gap control.

Easily disassembled components facilitate cleaning and maintenance, with an optional wash-in-place system to eliminate dust exposure during disassembly and prior to thorough cleaning.

Portable, free-standing or wall–mounted options provide roll compactor machine installation and operation flexibility.

Free-Standing and Portable Granulator Machines

The IR520 can be installed as a free-standing or portable machine. All technical components are enclosed and isolated from the process area. The controls are separate from the machine and can be wall mounted or portable.

Easy to Clean

The IR520 disassembles quickly, resulting in robust stainless steel parts which can be aggressively cleaned without fear of damage. All components are designed with smooth accessible corners and without product catching ledges. Thorough inspection is as easy as reassembly of the components. An optional wash-in-place system is available to eliminate dust exposure during disassembly and prior to thorough cleaning.

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User Benefits

Ease of use. Automated control system provides optimum process control for roll compactor granulation, with excellent operator interface and data monitoring.
Detailed process monitoring. Available control system features include online help and diagnostics, restricted access to various functions, roll gap control, historical trending, report generation and alarm management.
Harsh environment options. Optional Product Containment System (PCS) and N2 inert processing fully address stringent containment requirements and explosion risk reduction.

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