Scalable Lab System™ (SLS)

With the ability to alternate between five milling solutions in seconds, the Quadro® / Fitzpatrick Scalable Lab System (SLS) allows you to transfer results from small-sample R&D tests to full-scale production.

In addition to selecting the right machine when developing a new product, formulators, scientists, researchers and developers must also ensure that the equipment selected at the laboratory stage can be transferred to production. It is imperative that the same technology used during the lab-scale stage be available with larger capacity models.

The Quadro® / Fitzpatrick Scalable Lab System meets this challenge by ensuring that PSDs achieved at lab-scale can be duplicated in production equipment with minimal variance in particle size distributions. The SLS single platform with interchangeable size reduction heads guarantees that whatever technology is selected during trials can be easily and confidently duplicated at production volumes — with simple operating parameters transfer.

The SLS encompasses the primary size reduction and material processing technologies most often used in oral solid dosage processing — hammer mills, conical mills and security screeners.

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User Benefits


Unparalleled Scalability PSD and capacity scalable with simple operating parameters transfer from small-sample R&D tests to full-scale production machines
Wide Range of Sample Sizes Process samples as small as 5 grams with minimal loss or product retention, or as large as +100 kg/h for certain products and models
Quick Conversion Alternate between five milling solutions in just seconds
Array of Applications Suitable for dry milling and/or wet material conditioning, as a stand-alone or to complement lab-scale wet granulation systems
Minimal Capital Investment Single platform with interchangeable size reduction heads permits selection of the optimal milling technology with a minimal capital investment
Product Recovery 95%+ product recovery
Reduced Space Requirements The SLS single platform with interchangeable heads replaces several machines


  • Utilizes Smart-Detect, a unique lab equipment feature that recognizes the head being installed, ensuring that the appropriate scalable speed range is fixed
  • Single platform with interchangeable head design is space and cost-efficient
  • Quadro® Comil® U5 and U5 High-Efficiency head:
    • Inline, spacerless design
    • Tight particle granulometry
    • Wide range of scalable screens/impellers
    • Low heat, fines, dust and overs
  • Quadro® FlexSift S5 head:
    • Inline security screener
    • High capacity (typical 500 kg/h)
    • Standard deagglomeration spoiler arm
  • FitzMill L1A head:
    • Same process advantages of larger scale FitzMill comminutors — fully scalable
    • Available metered feed system (VFS) for complete process repeatability
  • Quadro® H5 High Energy Comil® head:
    • Primarily APIs, fine chemical and cosmetic applications
    • Narrow PSDs with 30% – 70% more on-target
    • Integrated feed system for optimized containment and predictability


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