Chilsonator Parts

The Fitzpatrick Company provides a full selection of OEM roll compactor parts for our Chilsonator series of machines. 

We stock direct-from-the-factory roll compactor parts that have been tested and inspected to meet the highest standards for quality and dependability in the industry. With our stocking program, your parts can be stored virtually anywhere in the world, ready for immediate delivery.

Most Chilsonator parts disassemble with hand fasteners, allowing for easy replacement or repair.


Compaction Rolls

The Fitzpatrick Company is your go-to source for replacement compaction rolls in a variety of sizes, materials, and surfaces. The cantilever design of our compaction rolls allows for easy changing and parts replacement. 

Feed System

The Fitzpatrick feed system delivers material to the compaction rolls utilizing a feed hopper, horizontal feed screw for metering material, and a vertical pre-compression screw for pre-compression, decoration, and transport of feed material to the compaction rolls.

A low-capacity feed system is available for certain models. This optional system allows for processing as little as 50 grams and up to 2Kg, with minimal product loss. Low capacity feed systems are ideal for laboratory roll compactors and R&D applications.

Roll Force Hydraulic System

A hydraulic cylinder supplies the consolidating force on the material between the compaction rolls. This cylinder acts upon the floating roll, which can move horizontally to adjust the roll gap depending on the volume of feed and the pressure being applied.

Automated Control Systems

The Chilsonator automated control system is designed to provide optimum process control with an easy-to-use operator interface and data monitoring tools. The automated control system can be wall-mounted or integrated into a portable unit. Contact us for a replacement control system.

Vacuum Deaeration System

A vacuum deaeration system is an optional add-on to some roll compactor models to assist in drawing entrained air from your product. Vacuum filters can be installed in various locations and a vacuum pump system forcibly removes entrained gas from within the product. Process improvements can be dramatic with respect to both compaction efficiency as well as capacity. Contact us to learn more. 

Product Containment System and N2 Inert Processing 

Some Chilsonator models allow for an optional Product Containment System (PCS) designed to fully contain all product in the process and receiver sections of the Chilsonator system. Advantages include:

  • Minimal product exposure to operator and environment
  • Prevents product contamination
  • Minimal product loss

The PCS can be combined with an N2 inerting system to reduce product oxygen exposure and explosion risks.