Portable Granulators

Portable communicators and roll compactor machines from The Fitzpatrick Company provide unrivaled flexibility in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and dry foods. 

Portable Granulator Machines

The Chilsonator IR520 can be installed as a free-standing or portable granulator machine. All technical components are enclosed and isolated from the process area. The controls are separate from the machine and can be either wall mounted or portable. The portable electric enclosure of the Chilsonator’s automated control system provides optimum process control while allowing location flexibility to the operator.

The M5A and D6A FitzMill can be configured with a cabinet base that incorporates the feed pan and feed throat in one piece, while also integrating the base and controls into a self-contained portable unit. This all-in-one configuration makes the M5A and D6A a convenient solution for those seeking a portable granulator.

The Chilsonator CCS320 can be configured as a portable unit or a free-standing unit, as well as an in-wall configuration. An isolator/flow booth configuration is also available for processing that necessitates more stringent containment requirements.

Benefits of a Portable Hammer Mill or Roll Compactor Machine

Portable granulator machines save time and money. Whether you’re a pharmaceutical manufacturer, a food processor or chemical production facility, the ease with which our FitzMill and Chilsonator CCS machines can be moved and deployed is an advantage. 

When you need to move your grinding operation from one side of your production facility to another, our machines make relocation easy and convenient. When you need to relocate milling operations from one site to another, our portable comminuting mills and roll compactor machines make it possible.

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