Powder Milling Equipment

Powder Milling Processes & Applications

Fitzpatrick’s wide range of powder processing equipment offers scalable, repeatable results for powder size reduction and granulation. Our equipment improves powder characteristics to enhance your ROI. Discover some of the numerous powder milling and processing applications our product line can handle.

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Powder Agglomeration

Particle size enlargement through powder agglomeration is one of the primary applications of Fitzpatrick’s solid processing technology. With a broad line-up of equipment for combining powder particles, Fitzpatrick is your go-to supplier of powder agglomeration equipment for the creation of tablets, briquettes, pellets, bricks, or compacts and other forms.

Powder Granulation

Fitzpatrick powder granulator equipment can turn fine powder into coarse powder granulates through agglomeration for uses in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, and other applications. Our roll compaction systems and hammer mills can also reduce coarse granules into fine powders. Whether your application calls for dry powder granulation or wet granulation, our equipment is up to the challenge.

The Chilsonator contained compaction system from Fitzpatrick optimizes the powder granulation process to control particle size distribution, minimize fines and improve on-target reliability.

With a greater selection of rotor/screen designs, you enjoy an optimized powder milling process that leads to tighter PSDs. This makes the Chilsonator a powerful, versatile solution for a wide range of powder milling applications. And with our factory-optimized and pre-set roll/screen clearances, you can be assured of repeatable powder milling results.

Powder Compaction

Fitpatrick roll compaction technology improves compact uniformity and density, enhances continuous process stability, and provides much-desired scalability for powder processing.

Ideal for dry granulation pharmaceutical powders and other applications, the Chilsonator optimizes downstream powder flow characteristics. And with our application expertise, lab capabilities, and support services, you can accelerate scale-up and reduce development costs.

Powder Size Reduction

Not all powder size reduction equipment is created equal. While jet milling, ball milling, and pin milling have their place, our hammer milling machines for powder size reduction offer distinct advantages.

From achieving optimal milk powder particle size distributions to reaching the perfect PSDs for talcum powder, baby powder and other products, Fitzpatrick equipment makes lab-scale and production-scale powder sizing economical, repeatable and scalable.

Powder Grinding

When you need a powder grinder mill for high-performance processing, The FitzMill and Chilsonator offer proven abilities and versatility. Our hammer mills offer powder grinding capabilities ranging from a scalable laboratory model to industrial models for pharmaceutical, chemical and food applications. And our roll compaction equipment increases powder density and produces free-flowing granules – the ultimate powder compaction equipment for particle sizing.

Advantages of the Fitzpatrick Powder Milling Equipment

✔   Designed for ultimate process flexibility
✔   Accurate, repeatable results
✔   Increase powder density
✔   Produce free-flowing powder granules
✔   Quickly dismantled and cleaned to meet sanitary and cGMP requirements
✔   Free-standing and portable configurations
✔   Wall-mounted and portable machine controls
✔   Minimize ungranulated material bypass

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Application Bulletins: Successful Powder Milling Applications

Antibiotic Powder (e.g., Amoxicillin, Penicillin)

Ceramic Mixtures

Whole Spices

Vanilla Beans

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