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Particle size reduction (also known as comminution) is commonly used to improve material properties, including a more desirable particle size distribution and increased surface area – resulting in better particle flowability, reactivity, drying, bulk density and compactability, to name a few.

Dry milling of pharmaceutical powders is an integral step in the tableting process, where size reduction equipment is utilized to achieve particle sizes that will improve a tablet’s dissolution, active ingredient content uniformity, effective drug efficacy extraction, enhanced absorption rates, bioavailability and physical stability.

Comminution in the form of impact milling, is chosen based on not just the properties of the feed material (i.e. initial particle size/shape, moisture content, temperature sensitivity, hardness, grindability, or other physical and chemical properties), but also on the versatility of the size reduction equipment – such as safety, containment, operator exposure levels and cleanability.

Every comminution application is different. Size reduction equipment that works well with one material may not work well with another similar material. Selecting the correct dry milling process ultimately depends on your finished product’s required size range and your raw material’s size and friability. Once you determine the size range of your finished product, we help you test the primary processing characteristics of your raw material and help you choose the correct particle size reduction equipment.

Benefits of Controlled Particle Size Reduction

Controlled particle size helps assure your production will be consistent and repeatable with respect to product color, taste, flowability, uniformity, density, and chemical reaction:

  • Uniform particles assure batch-to-batch color consistency
  • Precise portion control for consistent taste
  • Improved flowability for accurate, efficient weighing, tableting and packaging
  • Consistent bulk density
  • Control shipping costs with tighter densities
  • Assure desired dissolution rates

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FitzMill Comminutors for Small-Scale, Medium-Scale and Large-Scale Production

FitzMill comminution machines have hundreds of configuration possibilities, making them the ideal choice when versatility is key. Need a machine for grinding to finer particle sizes? The stainless steel feed system on a Variable Feed Screw (VFS) FitzMill Comminutor provides exceptional efficiency. Need a quieter size reduction machine? The sound attenuation capabilities of the SPV-FAS020 are ideal; lightweight, sound-attenuating pads made of FDA-approved materials dampen sound and are easily cleaned and maintained. With a wide selection of milling screens, which can often be customized to meet your requirements, FitzMill comminutor machines can adapt to any milling and size reduction need.

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Typical Comminutor Machine Applications

FitzMill particle size reduction equipment is commonly used in pharmaceutical, food processing and chemical manufacture applications, including:

  • Coarse grinding and chopping of dry material
  • Size reduction of wet material
  • Delumping of wet and dry material
  • Pulverizing
  • Solid/liquid blending
  • Compaction granulation
  • Processing slurries and liquids
  • Processing and conditioning wet and dry materials
  • Pureeing and emulsifying

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